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Welcome to Archer Abroad MBBS Consultancy in Chennai

Archer Abroad MBBS consultancy is focused on making the process of studying abroad easier and better for the student by sending them to Tashkent University for their Abroad Medical Career.

Access to more information on Good education, Time and Cost requirements will be provided accurately by Archer Meducation - Abroad MBBS Consultancy

Students will receive impartial advice through a perfectly designed plan to help them to choose the best medical college in Uzbekistan ( Tashkent university ). And provide accommodation in accordance to their needs and desires during the MBBS Course duration.

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  • Archer Abroad MBBS Consultancy, brings you the world class MBBS education at affordable fee to you.
  • The Best Abroad MBBS Course is offered by Tashkent Medical University located in uzbekistan, which is safest place to build your Medical Career without any hassle.

Our Services

  • Free counselling for the students
  • Helping in processing the application forms
  • Follow Up and Ensuring Admission from the Tashkent University
  • Guidance for obtaining educational loans from multiple banks
  • Arranging for passport, visa and tickets to Uzbekistan
  • Guidance and support for graduating students
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